August 31, 2006

my opinion on the article will come when i have a time...not that you guys don't know how i feel about it already :)

xl is coming down today!!!

August 29, 2006

women w/ jobs or w/o?

Read this article and tell me what you think!

Muchos gracias to April for the link :)

August 28, 2006

yay christine!


August 26, 2006

i am still young :D

Yesterday at the movie theater

Movie Theater Employee: Can I see your ID?

I handed him my ID.

Movie Theater Employee: (looks at ID, looks at me) You've got to be kidding me.

That's right folks I GOT CARDED AT A RATED-R MOVIE!

Something tells me I'm going to continue getting carded for alcohol for many, many years to come.

August 25, 2006

ahh i bought more underwear today!

i couldn't resist their free shipping!

this is the third week in a row that i've bought new underthings.

August 23, 2006

huntz, i see you as an exotic, subservient play object!


just kidding. maybe!

latin men are hot hot hot!

me: Latin men, huh?
korean co-worker (who is male): They're nice to look at, but not to touch

the dude in the vent

so there's this dude in one of the office suites near ours and he is really really loud. we share a vent with this suite and the sound carries extremely well. as far as i can tell all he does in the office is drink beer because he's always yelling "where's the beer?" or "i'm going to get a beer!" or "there's one beer here...stella ar...tose?"

okay so anyway

for the past few months he's been nothing but a voice in the vent...until today. i was on my way to the restroom when i passed by a man on his cell phone. after i passed him he began to speak and lo and behold he had the voice of the dude in the vent! i turned back to get a better look and he caught me staring :(

anyway, that just made no sense and i'm only blogging it because the korean co-worker just told me that vent-dude is probably going to go home and blog about the asian girl with the staring problem (me) so yeah if he was then i had to beat him to it. which i probably did :)

August 22, 2006

IIIIIIIIIIII am so freaking exhasuted it's ridiculous.

Where's the adrenaline?

10 simple pleasures...

...because I was tagged by Bubble Boy :)

Name 10 of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative; try not to use things that someone else has already used.

In no particular order...

10. Glass of good wine + one or two good truffles.
9. The smell of genmaicha right when it's hit by steaming water
8. Having my hair brushed (ooohhhh I'm such a sucker for this one)
7. High-quality sheets against bare skin
6. Matching underwear!
5. Nostalgia brought on by old songs
4. Perusing old photos/journals/letters
3. The smell of men's cologne (as long as it smells good!)
2. Slipping out of wet clothes and into a dry martini dry pajamas
1. Good conversation witha good person :)

movie buddy?

okay so i have two new (new as in i just bought them not new as in they just came out) korean horror movies and no one to watch them with :(

any volunteers?

edit: ok so steve rocks socks. any other takers?

August 21, 2006

omg i think i just spent $60 on dvds


i forgot to bring my lip balm with me! blah!

August 18, 2006

so yesterday i dreamed that i bought a lot of underwear which is good!

but i also dreamed that ray accidentally killed someone with his car (bad) and that my brother was a breakdancing extra in star trek (huh?)

August 17, 2006

lots of fiber

[10:38 AM] brother: I ate I think 5 bowls of salad last night
[10:38 AM] me: !
[10:38 AM] brother: I'm going to have the biggest poops ever

August 16, 2006

i think it's been kind of a weird year in some weird way...

i think i just spent the past hour and a half alternating between staring at the ceiling and staring at the wall

August 15, 2006

song for now

Why You Wanna (TI and Q-Tip)

slept badly last night!

on another note, who wants to see this with me?


August 14, 2006

not quite vegas-caliber...

have just made the observation that my legs are slightly sore (my muscle soreness takes a couple days to kick in usually...) which means that saturday == a good night of dancing :)

happy happy 23rd?

happy birthday to ra!

good weekend


Yesterday was Tofu Festival in the afternoon with Apes and her little sister. Evening was spent with Ape, Skim, and Ray at Yamashiro where I had a tasty black cod and too much wine and Garden of Asians Eden where we drank vodka and danced ourselves into sweaty messes (or at least I did).

Pictures shall come later!

August 13, 2006


and my feets hurt.

i'm online because my mom put a bunch of junk on my bed and i'm too lazy to clear it off. even though i'm going to have to do it eventually if i ever want to sleep.

i suck.

i'm having trouble typing but you can't really tell because i have a friend called "delete". he makes me seem a lot more together than i really am.

it's quite a shame that i don't have a "delete" (or a ctrl-z!) in real life!

wouldn't that be handydandy?

August 12, 2006


So it was the birthday de la Ex a few days ago. I was wondering whether I should wish him a happy birthday in some way shape or form or not. I ultimately decided against it...I guess I was thinking about how I feel about some of my friends' exes and realized that he might think I'm quite the bitch and may never want to hear from me again. go the hazards of ending a relationship.

I'm actually kind of sleepy right now even though it's only 12:30. Maybe I should go to bed.

I need a new strapless bra that is not black.

One of the reasons I like living alone is the ability to walk around as scantily clad as I please.

August 11, 2006

yellow fever hypocrisy

the brother is quite right to say that we cannot get on the case of those who have "yellow fever" when we clearly have it ourselves.

i dunno. i just like asian guys :( esp. the computer science ones :)

August 10, 2006

Taste of HB waaaayyy overdue

May 22, 2006 Taste of Huntington Beach

So about a billion years ago a handful of us went to a food festival in Huntington Beach where we gorged ourselves on all sorts of food, wine, and beer :) There was this fantastic fruity riesling (Rancho Sisquoc) that I'd like to buy someday should I ever get the chance.

After the festival, we headed across the street to the beach to sober our buzzed selves up.

Yes, this is going to be short. All I really want to do is get these photos (among many others) up as fast as possible. I've fallen waaayyy behind.

uterine torture

the onslaught of horrible cramps!

they are making me sad!

and a bit sick to my stomach :(

toilet water

sake bombs smell like pee if you don't drink it fast enough :(

August 09, 2006

come on toshi!

engrish lessons for japanese hookers!

(not work safe :))

oops i forgot line breaks

[2:58 PM] brother: I decided
[2:59 PM] brother: if I ever eat too much peanut
[2:59 PM] brother: I'll probably just throw up
[2:59 PM] brother: actually, no
[2:50 PM] brother: I'll get all asthmatic
[2:50 PM] brother: then throw up
[2:50 PM] brother: yeah, that's it
[2:50 PM] brother: peanuts trigger my ashtma
[2:51 PM] me: eeeesh
[2:51 PM] me: you're like a nerdy kid
[2:51 PM] brother: I know!!!
[2:51 PM] brother: :/
[2:51 PM] brother: when I typed that
[2:51 PM] brother: I felt dorky

happy birthday to le aaron who is now also le OLD :D

ps. yesterday's last post was #1900 on this blog!

August 08, 2006



it's the end of an era...

so i've decided that it's time to quit freeloading off of irv and pony up for my own domain...and server space :)

i shall let you all know when i make the switch. it's been a good 4+ years on irvsjournal fo SHO :D

[3:51 PM] brother: don't let me forget my leftovers today
[3:52 PM] me: hahaha
[3:52 PM] me: maybe i'll eat your leftovers
[3:52 PM] me: after you
[3:52 PM] me: forget them
[3:53 PM] brother: I licked them all
[3:53 PM] me: :)
[3:53 PM] me: that's okay
[3:53 PM] me: you're my brother
[3:53 PM] brother: I licked them with boogers


August 07, 2006

it's 11:43 pm and i'matworki'matworki'matworki'matworki'matwork and i need a neck and shoulder massage!!!!!!!

it's 9:40 pm and i'matworki'matworki'matworki'matworki'matwork and i need a neck and shoulder massage!!!!!!!


this is how someone else found my page

August 05, 2006


Just got back from the company summer activity thinger @ Knott's. I am the exhausted one since I was out a bit late last night tearing up Hollywood with good company.

Chicken was omega good as per usual.

FIIIINALLY got to ride GhostRider which I've been wanting to do since high school but never got a chance to UNTIL TODAY wahaha.

Ended up soaked by the end of the night since the brother and the Korean wanted to go on BigFoot Rapids which I did even though I really didn't want to get wet.

Guess who ended up the wettest?


Am I going to slip out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini?

(haha double d once asked me that on a particularly rainy day)

Okay, no martini. I have leftover okonomiyaki but what I really want right now is a burrito ;P

happy 15 month to me i guess? =\

August 04, 2006


brother: it would hurt if i stuck my fingers in your nose and tried to lift you
brother: i'm not going to do it though you've got boogers in there

i'm not myself

tuesday: steak.
wednesday: lime chicken with a tomato avocado "salsa"
thursday: okonomiyaki w/ chicken

what's come over me???

August 03, 2006


guess what

i've been on blogger for over six years now!

i guess it IS non-toxic

so a looong time ago i was at home discussing things that smell good but taste bad (as well as the reverse, smell bad but taste good) with someone...probably my brother. anyhow, at some point in the conversation my dad interjected with

dad: you know what smells good but tastes bad? (makes a face)
dad: play-doh

on another note, i need to pick out a domain name. since and are both taken, i'm going to have to come up with something else. i suppose i could just use my name ( or something of the like) but i want to see if i can come up w/ something else. or if anyone else could come up with something else. i must say there is a good chance that i'll beg everyone for ideas and then just be evil and not use any of them :)

August 02, 2006

gyno game?


this is how someone found my page

happy birthday to the elbowlover



[11:07 AM] me: you smell
[11:08 AM] brother: like awesome
[11:08 AM] me: like an awesomely horrible smell
[11:13 AM] brother: I smell like DO
[11:14 AM] me: D(isgusting) (O)uthouse
[11:14 AM] me: oops
[11:14 AM] me: hahahahahaha
[11:14 AM] me: D(isgusting) O(uthouse)
[11:15 AM] brother: more like
[11:15 AM] brother: delicious outstandingness
[11:15 AM] brother: delicious odor!!
[11:17 AM] me: DISGUSTING odor
[11:17 AM] brother: dormant orange
[11:17 AM] me: decomposing owl
[11:18 AM] brother: dagobah olive
[11:18 AM] me: dank orifice
[11:20 AM] brother: gross
[11:20 AM] me: haha
[11:20 AM] me: i win

what i want pt. II because i'm a (thirsty) greedy bastard

i want...

- jones fruit punch soda. sadly, it's been discontinued! i wouldn't mind trying their sugar free blueberry or lime flavors, though :)

i went to target yesterday to check out their new GO international line because i liked the tara jarmon one so much. i ended up getting the black silk wrap skirt which i prob didn't need since i think i still have two skirts with the tags still on them =\ oh well.

while in the fitting room...

man: hey, come out and let's see if it fits.
girl: no!
man: what, do you want me to come in there?
girl: no!
man: well does it fit?
girl: ...i don't know....
man: god get out here right now!
girl: i don't want to! can't you just come here?
man: i can't go in there you have to come out here!
girl: noooo i don't want come here...
man: i can't go in there it's a ladies' changing room do you want me to go to jail? get out here right now!!
(sound of door opening and reluctant footsteps walking past my fitting room)
man: oh okay, that's good. see, now you're all perky! okay we'll get this one.

it was about at this point that i stepped out of my own fitting room to see a man and a boy (12-13 years old maybe) standing right outside the fitting rooms and a girl (10-11ish?) walking back to her fitting room with her arms folded across her chest all sulky. haha. my guess? father trying to buy his daughter her first bra. possibly a single parent household. is it bad that i thought this was funny?

in other news i managed to burn a pan without burning the food in the pan. i rock.

August 01, 2006

ps. the new target GO international line is out (paul and joe) :)

bad: my tire somehow flatted itself between the time i parked this morning and the time we went for lunch.

good: i found my camera. it had slid under the passenger seat of my car.

because i'm shallow and materialistic. and hungry.

i want...

funnelneck cardigan
most beauuuutiful sweater evAr!!! i can't spend that much money on a sweater, though. plus it prob doesn't even fit me (nothing in that store ever fits me) but i'll never freakin' know because i can't seem to find it in store :(

vosges collezione italiano
because vosges truffles are yummy and i really really want to try the rooster. unfortunately the closest vosges is in vegas and mail order would not be cool since the truffles have a shelf life of 1 week and it always takes forever for me to get my packages since i'm never home during business hours.

brady and i are talking about steaks and now i want one :(

that's all. for now.


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